Mission and Values:

At Mile 22 Associates our work is driven by a set of shared beliefs. We believe that America needs every single voter to participate in order to build a resilient and just country. We believe that every voter needs authentic support--not support that comes once every two-to-four years and then evaporates, but the year round, place-based, earnest support they need to confidently participate in every election. And we believe that equitable support of local leaders with an intersectional lens is the only viable strategy to accomplish our goal of building an inclusive democracy.

About Us

In 1776, just over 2% of the total population participated in the presidential election. In 2016, that number had increased to just over 40%. Large numbers of Americans remain excluded and alienated from our government and our democracy. Our country is weaker as a result.

We can't afford to wait an additional 300 years to reach full and equitable participation.

At Mile 22, we believe that the only way to address this challenge is through equitable support of local leaders in every community in the country. We know where to engage them in schools, neighborhood associations, colleges and universities, community non­profits, local governments, and other institutions that serve our communities will mostly stay the same from election to election. Unfortunately, voting advocates often engage these consistent challenges in ways that are far too episodic. Organizations launch campaigns around specific elections or specific interventions rather than building their work around the needs of local leaders and communities.

Mile 22 Associates has an established track record as an incubator for comprehensive local leadership platforms that interface between local leaders committed to building an inclusive democracy in their communities and the tools, resources, networks and inspiration they need to make good on those commitments.

Founded by local leaders in Atlanta and Baltimore in the winter of 2017, Mile 22 Associates has quickly grown into a key strategic center of gravity for advocates looking to build a truly inclusive democracy across the country. We have achieved major successes through the growth of our unique civic incubator which has quickly established several prominent platforms serving and aligning the efforts of hundreds of higher education institutions, non-profit leaders, and philanthropic partners behind sustainable strategies for improving voter participation rates. Through the work of Mile 22’s local offices in Baltimore and Atlanta, Mile 22 has established strong and reputation for “walking the walk” by being among the only firms that both develops national strategies and actually tries out all those national strategies locally. This gives Mile 22 the unique ability to keep developing holistic strategies that are possible with the type of insights that only come from deep engagement with both local and national leaders.


Our OfficeS

We have headquarters in Baltimore and Atlanta, with additional staff in Washington, DC, working on local projects related to improving democratic culture.