Bright Spots is a community of people who believe that local leaders should be at the center of everything we do in civic engagement work. Without local leaders—as local as precinct-level leadership—we cannot truly understand the creeks that comprise the entire ocean of civic engagement. It is with this in mind that Mile 22 brings together local leaders, corporate partners, government officials, nonprofits, higher education, and others to form the community with the local leaders front and center, leading the way, being the voice.


So, what does this look like practically?

Let’s use Starbucks as an example. Starbucks has declared that voter engagement is a core tenet to Starbucks’ mission. But if a barista or manager at your local Starbucks can’t give the go-ahead to a community organizer who wants to host a nonpartisan voter registration drive, that’s problematic! No matter how much language an organization can issue about its values, if it’s not practically applicable for local leaders in real-life situations, it’s ineffective.

We are working with these types of institutions to create action plans that seamlessly integrate civic engagement into their everyday processes.