Lunch & Learn 1: Civic Cities

The first-ever Mile 22 Lunch & Learn served as a showcase for the nascent Civic Cities being developed across the nation. From Baltimore, MD, to Macon, GA, cities are convening to significantly raise their voter turnout, and democratic engagement. Check out those presentations here! 


#BaltimoreVotes is a burgeoning initiative led by our own Eean Logan, a native Baltimorean. He works with institutions of higher education, as well as secondary schools and nonprofits to create a celebratory environment around youth civic learning and democratic engagement.



#MiddleGAVotes is a growing group of leaders across middle Georgia dedicated to providing all people, without prejudice or bias, the information and motivation they need to confidently engage in every election. Claire Cox leads this organization, and created this presentation. 


CivicTN is an organization based out of Chattanooga, TN, that seeks to move Tennessee forward through nonpartisan coalitions, with resources to strengthen democracy and civic participation in the state. The presentation was created by Kelly Elliot