Lunch & Learn 2: Continuity and Change

We all know that as soon as an election cycle heats up, so too does the barrage of organizations encouraging and demanding that young people get out and vote. While this is the way things have been done previously, we believe that true change requires continuity. We don't want students to just be a ballot, we want students to be educated citizens. This Lunch & Learn session was an exploration of that idea. 


Nadia Hussain was the first Program Director for the Vote Everywhere program at the Andrew Goodman Foundation. In this role she began cultivating student leaders across the nation to first understand the roots of the 1960s iteration of the Civil Rights Movement, second understand the power in a ballot, and third to continue their work long after college. Check out her presentation here. 



Mike Burns is the National Director for Fair Elections Legal Network’s Campus Vote Project.  He spent over five years working in electoral politics prior to law school, including two years as the Executive Director of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.  His presentation is all about using the continuity of CVP's work on college campuses as leverage into making systemic and lasting change. Check it out! 



Fiona Buchanan is the second-generation leader of Western Carolina University's Student Democracy Coalition. In her presentation, Fiona discusses what it means to not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to student engagement on campus--being able to have name recognition with students, and becoming institutionalized. She shares her insights in this presentation, so give it a look!