Conversations With Council, City Marketing & Civic Engagement

Cities have appetites for civic innovation, but face structural and institutional barriers in their implementation. How can these groups work hand in hand with other institutions, non-profits, and residents to reduce barriers to participation, while simultaneously improve the quantity, quality, and equality?

At Mile 22, our experience has shown us that it takes a systems level approach – with continued input from local stakeholders to shape evolution for continuous improvement – involving multiple networks, associations, individuals, and institutions to move the national needle on civic engagement.

Cities have a unique opportunity to integrate best practices for increasing access to the voting both and improving public dialogue input through alternative means. Councilwoman Cervone, of Clarkston, GA, invited our team and others to explore these ideas and what it would mean for cities to take ownership for it’s residents’ participation.

I hope you’ll listen and stay tuned as we keep learning how to solve these chronic problems.