Current projects that Mile 22 helped found and now helps lead include the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge#BaltimoreVotes, #MiddleGAVotes, the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and SoCon Votes.

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national, nonpartisan initiative that supports and recognizes colleges and universities working to improve civic learning, political engagement, and voter participation rates. The Challenge encourages institutions to help students form the habits of active and informed citizenship, as well as institutionalize democratic engagement activities and programs - making them a defining feature of campus life. Launched in June 2016, the initiative has grown to include more than 450 campuses, in 48 states and D.C. These institutions enroll more than 5.5 million students. Participating campuses complete a set of steps, are recognized for their commitment and are presented with seals and awards for exemplary efforts. Any accredited, degree-granting, post-secondary institution may participate in the Challenge.

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Founded after the 2018 election, Maryland Votes Together is growing space for organizations and leaders from across Maryland who want to support local leaders in growing our democracy. The coalition partners meet monthly and are looking forward to launching their first joint campaign together in spring 2019.

Baltimore Votes is a coalition of leaders from across Baltimore committed to building an inclusive democracy. Coalition partners seek equitably support local leaders in every precinct in Baltimore in order to one day provide authentic ongoing support to every eligible voter in Baltimore. Baltimore Votes launched before the 2018 election and through summits, trainings, and a city wide “party at the polls” campaign was able to establish strong leadership in over 20% of Baltimore’s 297 precincts. The coalition is governed by an advisory board made up of leaders committed to civic engagement across Baltimore.

#MiddleGAVotes is a growing group of leaders across middle Georgia dedicated to providing all people, without prejudice or bias, the information and motivation they need to confidently engage in every election. We are invested in supporting individuals in middle Georgia who are interested in leading voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout efforts as a tool to empower their community to vote.


The Big Ten Voting Challenge is a competition among the 14 universities in the Big Ten Conference. Universities compete to win two titles – “Greatest Overall Turnout” and “Greatest Increase in Voting Rates”. The winners will be chosen based on data provided by the National Study on Learning, Voting, and Engagement and announced in Fall 2019 at an awards ceremony.

SoCon Votes is the first Division 1 Athletic Conference Championship for democratic engagement. This program supports the 80,000 students in the Southern Conference to become active and engaged citizens. Through SoCon Votes, each of the 10 colleges and uni in the Southern Conference is vies for the conference championship for Highest Voter Turnout or Most Improved Voter Turnout.


The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition (SLSV) convenes over 350 nonpartisan organizations from across the country to design and advance a shared agenda around student voting and political learning in higher education. Founded in February 2016, the SLSV Coalition has established a speakers bureau to coordinate programming for higher education leaders, helped to align partner efforts across thousands of higher education institutions, advocated for new policies that support student voters, and established a joint development strategy to capitalize a subgrant fund focused on catalyzing innovation and scaled impact in the field. The SLSV Coalition is coordinated by a team at the young adult advocacy organization Young Invincibles and governed by a rotating advisory board of representatives from coalition partner organizations, higher education institutions, local election officials, and student leaders.