Current projects that Mile 22 helped found and now helps lead include the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge#BaltimoreVotes, #MiddleGAVotes, the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and SoCon Votes.

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge strives for a more inclusive democracy—one in which all voices are heard. We envision a country in which the electorate mirrors our country’s makeup and college students are democratically engaged on an ongoing basis, during and between elections, and not just at the polls. The Challenge strives to change civic culture and institutionalize democratic engagement activities and programs on college campuses, making them a defining feature of campus life.  


#BaltimoreVotes and #MiddleGAVotes are two inaugural members of Mile 22's ALL IN America Communities. These communities are created by a growing group of leaders across Baltimore, MD, and cities across middle Georgia, dedicated to providing all individuals, without prejudice or bias, the information and motivation they need to confidently engage in every election. Those dedicated to seeing these initiatives thrive are invested in supporting people who are interested in leading voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout efforts as a tool to empower their communities to vote.

SoCon Votes is the first Division 1 Athletic Conference Championship for democratic engagement. This program aims to support the 80,000 students in the Southern Conference to become active and engaged citizens. Each of the 10 schools in the Southern Conference is vying for the conference championship for Highest Voter Turnout or Most Improved Voter Turnout. SoCon Votes aspires to expand this excitement and competition nationwide. Our desire is for every collegiate conference to engage in friendly competition as they increase voter knowledge and incite students’ passion for shaping their future.


Colleges and universities in the United States have long embraced the responsibility to foster the next generation of informed, engaged citizens necessary for our democracy to thrive. In fact, federal regulations in the Higher Education Act require institutions of higher education to promote voter registration on their campuses. However, instructions on how to best do this are vague and myths about student voting cause confusion among both students and administrators. The Students Learn Students Vote Coalition promotes civic learning and engagement on campuses across the country by providing a series of key steps and information on best practices that institutions can use to create a more voter friendly campus.